Working With Us

Our relationship will begin with an initial consultation. We view an initial consultation as an opportunity for us to give our complete, undivided attention to you. Before offering any advice or trying to “problem-solve,” we want to listen and to fully understand what brings you to our office.

We believe it is important not to feel rushed during an initial consultation and also to have absolute freedom to walk away from each other after the first meeting. Therefore, we generally set aside two hours for the consultation and charge $300. If you decide to hire us after the initial meeting, the cost of the initial consultation will be credited to you. Shortly after the initial meeting, you will receive a written estimate of the costs of our services. We generally charge flat fees for our services. This means that at the very early stages of our relationship you will have a very good idea of exactly how much our services will cost you. In certain circumstances we are able to offer payment plans and accept payments online via PayPal and through most major credit cards.

Once a client of the firm, you will receive your login information into our secure client portal, accessible from any computer or mobile device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From this client portal, which utilizes bank level security, you will be able to access key documents in your file, communicate directly with your attorney, access key dates related to your case, and collaborate on generating case materials.

We also invite you to participate in Yoga and Meditation classes we offer and other firm events.

To learn more about what to expect within a specific practice area, please visit our practices page.