Family Law


We take a holistic approach to the practice of family law. While we offer a full range of legal services in divorce, co-parenting, spousal support, and child support issues, we strive to understand where each individual, whether a client of this firm or not, is coming from. Thus, we seek to empower individuals to come to decisions and solutions that work best for them and take into account the “bigger picture” of each family we touch through our representation.

Whenever children are involved, we make their safety, well-being and peace our outmost priority and do everything in our power to ensure that their needs come before anything else.

We welcome non-traditional families and have a keen understanding of the unique issues facing LGBT, Poly, Multi-Partner, Foster and Surrogate families.

In our family practice we strive to create a safe space for difficult conversations empowering our clients to move through family conflict with dignity, respect and ease.