Conflict Coaching

Philadelphia Conflict Coaching Services

Conflict coaching is a guided, confidential process of clarifying the issues in conflict, generating and assessing options and gaining clarity as to a way to move forward. Our conflict coaching sessions will generally begin with uninterrupted time during which you will have an opportunity to fully share whatever is on your mind. To make sure we have heard you, we will reflect what you said and ask clarifying questions. Once we are all clear on the underlying issues, together we will generate and then access options and then discuss ways and strategies to move forward. The benefits of Conflict Coaching include:

  • Opportunity to be fully heard
  • Increased clarity as to the issues and the way to move forward
  • Greater understanding of the position and values of the other parties to a conflict
  • Ability to see both legal and non-legal options in moving forward
  • A sense of closure and peace